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Your First Odd Squad Gifts Have Arrived!

I was secretly hoping that when you signed up for the Odd Squad, your expectations for these gifts were at like a 5/10. I didn't want you to have such little faith in me that you were waiting on like penny candy or something, but I also wanted you to receive your first gift and think, 'wow, this is actually pretty cool.'

This is actually pretty cool! Right? Here's the story:

spinagogue board game

When it comes to the holidays, Christmas may have the best movies, songs and fanciful characters, but holy shin, Hanukkah has the best game!

These 8 crazy nights are now crazier than ever with Spinagogue, the official dreidel stadium for spinning, winning, gelt and glory.

As you know, every game needs an arena, a place where all the action happens. Football is played on a field, tennis is played on a court and baseball is played on a diamond. Now, dreidel is played on a Spinagogue.

It's the gift that keeps on spinning. At home, school or parties, Hanukkah is not the same without this dreidel game!

The object of the game is to spin the dreidel longer than your opponent. "Longer" pertaining to the length of time the dreidel spins from the release to the finish, from the moment the dreidel leaves your fingers to the moment it comes to a complete rest on its side. Watch out for those Spin Zone walls, they decrease in size as the tournament rounds progress. MLD can be played two ways: head-to-head or a round robin.

Get your peanuts and latkes ready, Spinnings is dreidel baseball!

The object of the game is to score more gelt coins "baserunners" across home plate than your opponent. After 9 Spinnings, the spinner with the most gelt coins "runs" is the winner.

Target Tops is a spin on the classic boardwalk game of Skee-Ball®. Spin the dreidel up the lane and try to sink it into the highest point targets. Target Tops challenges both the accuracy and consistency of a spinner.

The object of the game is to score more points than your opponent each frame (9 spins) by landing the dreidel inside of the highest point targets.

Dueling Dreidels is a full contact, spinning showdown where anything can happen. When a spinner possesses the "Magic Dreidel" it's them versus the entire Spinagogue. If they can successfully dodge the other dreidels in the Spin Zone with clever and sneaky maneuvers, they have a chance to be the last dreidel spinning and win a point.

While Spinagogue takes pride in its many modern and exciting dreidel games, it recognizes that none of them would be possible without the original. Traditional Dreidel is best played with friends and family the way it was in ancient times.

There's more where that came from!

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