Damon Kirchmeier - GT TC

Grain Theory shows off Damon's new dama and impressive skills. From Damon: I’ve always said kendama feels like an extension of me. Holding one now just feels so natural, it blows my mind sometimes when I really think about how much a part of me it is. I have one with me wherever I go, hence the plus signs because everything I do is _____ + kendama. The stripe and slip ring are paying homage to a design I’m very proud of working on, the GT-TC which snowballed into this project that I am also blessed to be a part of. The big cup is highlighting my favorite trick, which is lunars. The rubber coating on the rubber tama is perfect and gives total control where it is needed the most. I am very excited about this because I’ve been playing kendama for a long time, and kendama has become a part of me, and this is my opportunity to reciprocate and have my part in kendama.

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