Packaworld Presents: American Bocce 2021 Winter Ball Championship

American Bocce legends Lolo and McD sit court side for the the final frames of the 2021 American Bocce Winter Ball. After five days of qualifying, it's down to Half Slab and Player's Anthem. Whoever hits 16 points first, becomes 2021's first big bocce champions. Game on!

This broadcast is brought to you by Packaworld. Packaworld is a New Zealand based company that ismad about sport and passionate about play. They believe that sport is a force that brings people together, to compete, to grow, to have a great time. Because the ability to play in real game conditions is often hindered by limited access to quality facilities, they have developed portable, storable, safe technology to bring the game to the people. If you'd like to own your very own Packaworld Packabocce court, head to Packaworld's online store and use offer code ODDBALLTV for 20% off your purchase at checkout.

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