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Lolo Schroeder
Mr. Noodles the Rat Terrier

Meet Mr. Noodles!

Mr. Noodles is an elderly gentleman with the heart of a lion. He was left tied to a fence outside the animal hospital Micha (Andy Zimmerman's wife) worked at, 14 years ago in the first few months of his life. A short foster at the hospital was enough to find him on their couch and into their hearts forever.

Mr. Noodles is a rat terrier mutt with a face frozen in various states of perpetual bewilderment. He walks like he just rode a horse. He hates when Andy Z is out too late (come on dad!) but loves to roll on his back for a belly rub. Mr. Noodles eats his food one tiny nugget at a time from the far side of the bowl. He is mostly deaf but hears sound bouncing off walls resulting in uncomfortably long stop n stares. He often rests his eyeball (yes, just the eyeball) on a hard surface like a table or a book. 

Where did Mr. Noodles get his name you ask? His body literally moves like a handful of wet noodles. After a couple weeks the name stuck and Andy Z and Micha brought him home from the foster. The charity closest to Mr. Noodles heart is Go check it out!

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