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Lolo Schroeder
Loki loves ice cookies

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Loki, Expert Heart Melter

With paws the size of Kate's hands, ya best be on alert when he busts out his pro wrestling moves. There's the Power Paw- a paw so strong it'll knock your wind out, the Snarl Smile- so charming, it moves dinner from your plate to his mouth, and the Hammer Tail- guaranteed to topple over anything in your house. But fear not, little ones, Loki will lie down for you and make you feel like the boss. While he sports the longest side-tongue in Chicago, Loki will wear your ass out with unlimited energy. That is unless you gift him with a treat he can't resist- a bowl full of ice cookies.

Part lab, part bear, and/or giant, Loki is a foster fail through the huge hearts at One Tail at a Time. The big boy who hails from Iowa, captured Kate and Keith's hearts in the first three weeks they looked after him. Loki was his name when K & K took him in, the symbolism of the Norse God of Mischief was more than fitting, so it stuck! Nicknames heard around the house include but are not limited to, Bubba, Bubs, Loksi, Loki Loo, and Big Boy.

Want to give your wild thang their 15 of fame? Complete this survey about your snuggly buddy, meowy mate, slithery sidekick, feathery flyer--your #SoulPet--and claim their rightful place among Oddball Royalty! Soon, we're going to allow our Odditors to mock draft all of these prospects!

Loki eats a bone








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