Pet of the Week Jibboo

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Lolo Schroeder
French Bulldog ASMR
The French Treatment

Jibboo - Proud Chicago Frenchie

Named after a silly-ass Phish song that makes zero sense, this hoss little boss is as stereotypically “French” as they come. Do NOT make direct eye contact with her without a written invitation hand-delivered on a tiny pillow encrusted with the Hope Diamond.

The poster-pup of laziness’s only physical activity is batting her servant’s legs in demand of a meal, one so contrived, Tom Brady ain’t got shit on it. Unphased by thunder and gunshots, you’ll often find this HBIC treating herself to ASMR touch sessions under the draping tapestries her hippie minions pathetically call decor. Jibboo would make a great team captain of any sport, just don't expect her to run.


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