Video / Live Stream

Can Oddball help me with my live stream / video set up?
Not yet. That’s about a town and a half down the road for us though. So we’ll keep you posted.
If I miss a live viewing, can I watch a recording of it?
Absolutely. Head over to Oddballsports.tv/livestreams and just below the scheduled events, you’ll find past recordings. Want to go even further back? Sign up to become an Oddbassador here.
How can I get my live stream or video featured on Oddball Sports?
If the event or video feels Oddthentic enough to our mission, and doesn’t deviate from our values of inclusivity, respect, and unity, then we are open to sharing. Send submissions to general@oddballsports.tv
Can I share your videos on my website?
Not without expressed written consent from Oddball Sports. But hey, we’re collaborative folk - it’s worth an ask.

Articles / Podcasts / Hmmm…

I’d like to be a contributor. How do I make that happen?
Sell us your soul. Kidding. Just hit us up at general@oddballsports.tv
I’ve got a podcast that would be perfect for this network.
We’re all ears. Send us a link with a description as to why you think your podcast works for Oddball. That’ll help us weed out the irrelevant stuff. General@oddballsports.tv
I’d like my brand / product / property / club featured on Oddball. How do I make that happen?
Now we’re starting to sound redundant. General@oddballsports.tv

Sponsors / Partners / Advertisers

A many great brands and people to get involved with professionally. How do I start that conversation?
With a friendly hello. And an email to alex@oddballsports.tv
So much great real estate for me to advertise. How do I start that conversation?
With an even friendlier hello. And an email to alex@oddballsports.tv


Is private data shared with third parties or advertisers?
No no no. Never.
I signed up for the Odd Squad. What's up with these gifts?
Each gift retails between $50 and $100 and is the furthest thing from a tchotchke throw-away. These are one-of-a-kind, badass Oddball gifts. Approximate delivery schedule is late-June and mid-December for Odd Squad and late-June, late-September, mid-December, late March for VIP Odd Squad.
Is there a discount for annual billing?
There sure is. Annual Oddbassador and Odd Squad subscribers enjoy 17% off their yearly cost.
When can I cancel my subscription?
Anytime. Cancel your subscription by clicking here.

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Not to worry!

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