Playlist Drop: 1 record, 1 track

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Matt David
August 10, 2020

When the shelter-in-place order was just settling in, I felt like I had time for anything...that required staying inside my Chicago apartment. Thoughts that may not have previously been turned into action were put into motion immediately—or acknowledged but abandoned. I guess it was pretty either/or. 

This 1 record, 1 track playlist is an example of one that was tackled straight away. It felt like a great way to reacquaint myself with everything on these shelves and serve as an easy way to access those records with the ease of streaming. 

I did not expect selecting the songs to be so difficult, nor did I realize just how vulnerable it’d make me feel. I got it done, though. Some albums I had to narrow down from a handful of options. Some I felt like I was looking for a song that I still liked. 

I also wasn’t sure if the final product would make for an interesting listen. I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find that it’s a half decent bird. Listen in the order you’ll find em on my shelf (alphabetical and basic af) or shuffle it up. I’ll also cut out some thematic playlists from this collection and will regularly write a few hundred words on each song that made the playlist cut. 

Anyway, I like music and I like sharing. Here are a buncha songs found on my shelf.






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