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Jerry Emeka

I'm Coach Jerry and mostly here to positively impact your minds and your lives. I'm here to be empowering and inspiring for the Oddball Community. And right now I find myself sitting here saying that I want to do that. In fac,t I’ve been telling myself that I want to write something for three weeks now. I’ve gotten my pen and pad out. I’ve even gotten the right music setup for me. I created my outlines and a list of topics to speak on. And yet, still...


I haven’t written a damn thing.

Why? What’s stopping me from sharing a piece of me with you?


fear ya later

Fear is an all consuming emotion that prevents me from achieving goals, aspirations, and well-thought out intentions. It causes my inauthenticity, and unconscious conformity, and my mundane monotony. It’s a truly stifling feeling. At times it can be down right crippling. But I’ve found one way out of the mire and that's by facing it head on!

According to Aristotle “He who has overcome his fears will truly be free.”  If there's one thing I want more than anything in the world, it’s freedom!

The ways I overcome fear is by identifying it. Once I identify it, I'm then able to take action; confronting said fear. And once I’m in action I notice the fear subside to a sense of aliveness and expansion. That’s the elixir of the anxiety filled tension that fear causes in me. The realization that the thing I’m fearing is a self-deluding lie. That tells me I’m not enough, I can’t try new things, or write a post for my Oddball Community.

For years I’ve told myself I can’t write or that I don’t have anything to say. But that’s a lie. I’m full of insight, and thoughts, and studies. I have plenty of wisdom and life experiences to share. I swear I can actually write! 


FEAR IS A VICIOUS VULTURE taking prey on the weak ones who fear its terrorizing gaze, yet when faced with truth, it cowers to the strength of the individual who stands for courage and full authentic expression.

In order to get the ball rolling we must identify the path. Winning comes after losing. Self care comes after self hope. And freedom comes after we confront fear.







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