Little Victories: 5 Fresh Finds For a Feel-Good Weekend

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Alex Gara

Chill For Charity 

If you live in Chicago or Brooklyn, get on your horse, and head down to Royal Palms for their last #fundraiserfriday series. Tonight from 5pm - 8pm in Brooklyn and this Sunday from 12-3 in Chicago, the staff will be slinging cold drinks, staff-made protest signs, stenciled goods, and a guaranteed good time to passerbys. It’s all outdoors. It’s all for charity. If you live somewhere else, I’m sure there is a slightly less cool version of this going on somewhere near you this weekend. 

Throw On Some New Tunes 

A lot of us have been sticking to the classics during quarantine. Comfort food. We get it. Your bag is your bag. But it’s summertime which means new songs on new songs on news songs. If you’re an album person, give the new records by Haim and Khruangbin a spin. If you’re looking for that one new jam, try Risky Business by Abhi the Nomad or Just One More by The California Honeydrops.

Watch This One Particurly Amazing Episode of Queer Eye 

Watch em all if you need a good cry-a-thon. But if you’re only willing to allocate time for one, definitely get eyes on The North Philadelphia Story from the most recent season. It’s uplifting. It’s current. It’s necessary. 

still from netflix queer eye
Tyreek Wanamaker Wanna Make You Cry

Drink This! 

Golf isn’t the most inclusive sport in the world, but the taste of this beer just might be. This ode to an Arnold Palmer is a witbier with added flavors of lemon and black tea. Whether you’re golfing, frolfing, or half-napping on the couch, Off Color’s Beer For Golf is a must-try summer hit. 

Play a Yard Game

According to our very unfleshed-out set of standards, all yard games are oddball games. We have no shortage of games to recommend. But do yourself a favor and check out Backyard Buffs to read up on some of the most exciting yard games out there and find the right fit for your friends and family!

backyard buffs review games
Games For Days




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May 27, 2021
Alex Gara
Notable Tracks: Anderson .Paak

Notable Tracks: Anderson .Paak

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