It’s Not How You Get There, It’s Where You End Up

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Andy Zimmerman

“It not how you get there, it’s where you end up.” All of my other world famous bocce catchphrases, this is the one I use the most. At times it reaffirms a favorable bounce. Other times it serves to validate my intent,  like when my goal was to throw a shot causing chaos. And I do. And I “earn” my points. And my opponents roll their eyes. It works an unfavorable moments too, like when the opposing team does the exact same thing in the previous examples. And even though I wrote the damn book on bocce theory, I still roll my eyes if they execute.

Nevertheless, in all of these situations, the commonality is luck. Let me tell you something, no matter what you think, luck does not play favorites. For every lucky, there is an equal and opposite unlucky. More often than not, so-called “lucky” shots are not nearly as lucky as you imagined. Speed, line, knowledge of unique court spots and headspace are all determined long before luck swoops in and steals the show. So how did I end up there? It doesn’t matter. I scored. It’s not how you get there, it’s where you end up. It all counts. Keep moving.

Long before I fell in love with bocce, my experience with luck ranged from everyday micro caches like a breathtaking cloudscape, to the occasional good fortune like recovering a lost item, to surviving a near death experience that’s far too embarrassing to relive here. I even had a few of those mind-bending, life altering, this-has-to-be-more-than-coincidence occurrences for both better and worse. How did I get in those situations? Well, this does matter. Life is not bocce (although that contradicts another one of my catchphrases). More often than not, I could have avoided most of the negative outcomes I’ve experienced with a little more patience and discipline. A better speed. A better line. A better knowledge of the unique situation. A better headspace. I find myself avoiding bad outcomes more than ever these days yet somehow, against all odds, I feel so lucky. So, what am I going to do with this inexplicable windfall? Same as on the bocce court. It all counts. Keep moving.

My favorite part about the future is how undecided it actually is. What has been established is how my love and dedication to the game of bocce has brought me to so many incredible places (and a few shitty places, if we’re being honest) Most importantly, it’s brought me to my people: the bocce community. What will my effect be for this great cause? For starters, I’ve got some Oddball ideas and an Oddball Dream Team willing to roll the dice one me. The bocce community has waited over 2000 years for an outlet to capture and aggrandize the thrill and drama, the joy and calamity, the literal infinite probabilities of a completely maddening and marvelously simple sport. I believe, with Oddball that time has arrived. It’s not how I got here, I ended up here.





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