Drink in Hand: The Assembly Required Edition

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Cara Condon

When Assembly is Required

assembling ikea furniture is hard

The biggest mistake you can make while assembling furniture is to attempt it while you’re crabby and flustered. Did you know that every time something says “assembly required”, it also says “drink suggested” just below it in invisible ink? It’s true. So go pour yourself a big glass of gamay and let’s get started.

Just like your Ikea furniture, gamay is practical and gets the job done. This cousin of Pinot Noir grows in the Beaujolais region of France. Sounds fancy, right? It’s not. It's inexpensive, tastes best with a slight chill, and is often loaded with notes of summer strawberries. It’s a wine meant for glou-glou- the French sound for chugging- so it’s okay if that’s how you drink it.

Soon you’ll have new furniture and you’ll be a little tipsy, so you won’t really notice if the new coffee table is too.

Recommended but not required:

It’s best to find a gullible, but handy friend. I Like to invite my best friend* over for dinner and then bait her into a project after a glass or two of wine.  It works every time.

*Sorry, Maggie.


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