Drink in Hand: No Heat Til Trick or Treat

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Cara Condon

Ever hear the phrase “No heat til trick or treat?” Well, I grew up with this thrifty Midwestern mom mantra. Regardless of how chilly it gets, October is when the thermostat’s off switch shines. 

You would think as I grew older, I would leave these crazy baseless “mom” rules behind me. And mostly, I do. In the winter, I keep my house at a comfy 73 and usually only need one sweatshirt. However, there is something in me that completely prevents me from turning on the heat in October. I physically cannot do it. I think part of me struggles with admitting the summer is over and once the heat goes on, it’s  staying on until April. Ugh. What a slippery slope. 

During the cold October nights while I wait to turn on the heat, I reach for a hot toddy. Nothing warms a cold soul like whiskey. I almost always use Old Granddad, a lovely whiskey that isn't too fussy or too crummy - an ‘everyday’ whiskey, if you will. And for me, it will be an everyday whiskey every day until it’s time to turn on the heat. 

Start by boiling some water on the stove, it will help to heat things up. Toss in a cinnamon stick, some cloves, a pouch of sleepytime tea, and some orange peels or lemon wedges, if you’ve got em. Pour some of the toddy mix in the biggest mug you’ve got, along with a few fingers of whiskey, and raise a glass to being chilly and cheap.

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