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The internet isn't always the coziest of places but behind every garbage pile of trolls, targeted ads, and incels there are jokes - jokes on jokes on jokes. And the lifeblood of internet humor is the meme. They're bizarre, they're snapshots of culture, they're often way too inside, or way over our heads, but these tiny dumb jokes can often serve as the fabric that keeps communities like ours connected.

Oddball did a lot of memes this year. Toss Funny continues to set the tone for yard game humor. And almost every pocket of players has some haha funny man making memes for 'em. So with respect to the Waiting for __ to Start Again and He's Probably Thinking About Other Girls (great memes - there are just so many versions of them, even within our communities) below are our favorite memes of 2020. 3 each from our resident meme makers Alex and Lolo, 3 from Toss Funny, and 3 from the greater social sports world. Enjoy!

Al's Top 3

Rolling up to the 2021 USBF Nationals Like... -The drip, the swag, the [insert another word that nobody that USBF Nationals would understand]. We really wanted this photo to be real. Turns out, it's not. But like Lizzo (who would be good candidate for a 2020 recreation of this) says, that's exactly how I feel.

magic johnson meme

The Morning After Shufflinsanity - Not only did you win, but you did it a long ass time ago, and you haven't been able to talk about it since. Now the whole world gets to see you kick ass - revel in that afterglow, young shufflers, you deserve it.

bugs bunny meme

The Other Team Forfeits - Anyone who celebrates a forfeit victory is a dingus. We came here to play, damnit.

hide the pain harold

Lolo's Top 3

My desires are .... unconventional - I'm sure the last photo here has seen several variations of cult hobbies but there is something so perfect about the juxtaposition here.

50 shades of gray meme

When You Finally Win MVP - The glow-up is real.

cinderella joke

Stop. Throwing. The. Pallino. On. The. Wall. - There are 3 types of wall-ballers: 1. New teams who embrace the easiness of it 2. Homers and sonsabitches who are looking for an edge and 3. Lesser opponents who are scared of playing you in the middle. No matter who's doing it, for the love of all that's holy, STOP.

tom hanks in a league of their own

Toss Funny Top 3

When my Tower Won't Fall Over - The best memes mirror reality. Tossfunny sprinkles in dozens (if not hundreds) of yard games into his memes and this one just feels so perfectly KNOCKEM' that we have no choice but to stan.

yard games joke

Me Waiting To Play Next Game - Every single one of us has experienced the veins-bulging-out-of-our-neck impatience of waiting on people who don't seem to mind that you're waiting. Move it along, buddy.

undertaker meme

Cornhole players be like.. - There is a running joke against cornholers in the Toss Funny-verse that ages like fine wine. Long story short: mix it up bag boys, there's a lot of good stuff out there.

funny images the simspons

Some Internet Favorites

Don't Hit on Two - This one comes courtesy of @spikeball_memes and bridges across the yard game world, as we all know TFW you're explaining all of the rules to a newb.

spongebob meme about spikeball

Yankwoodclickbevels is the source of the best memes in the dama world and perhaps the entire Oddball sports world. This one is great. You could spend an hour scrolling his IG.

kendama funny kids

And finally.... - Savage Curling Memes personifies the collective disappointment of "not enough people making content out of our amazing sports" with this one

sad curling joke













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