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Jared Sochinsky

Day, dates, time(s): Wednesdays—specifically, the next 4 Wednesdays—June 10th, 17, 24 and July 1

RSVP here: Battle PONG

We're starting Battle Pong as a way to give people that feeling of being across the table from their friends again.  Most of us haven't had the opportunity to play Ping-Pong since Shelter-in-Place, and this is by no means a replacement, but rather a fun extension that all level of players can enjoy.  

What is"Battle Pong"? It's our virtual version of Dartmouth Pong.  What's Dartmouth Pong?  It's Beer Pong but with Paddles.  But you don't need to drink to have fun playing this game, unless you want to add that tipsy element to your game. We'll be playing head-to-head against different opponents each week for your chance to be crowned The Push's first Battle Pong Champion, win some fun prizes and raise some money along the way.  

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As the main goal behind The Push has always been to build & foster community, we wanted to add a charitable element to the night and do good for the members of our communities that need it the most.  Every 4 weeks we will find a new charity to give to, starting with Frontline Foods.  Frontline Foods is an organization which helps restaurants prepare and deliver meals to frontline workers. To date they have delivered almost 500K meals across 60 cities.  Let's see what we can raise.

  • $50: Feeds 3-5 frontline workers
  • $100: Feeds a team of 5-10
  • $500: Feeds a small ER/ICU department
  • $1000: Feeds a large ER/ICU department
  • $5000: Provides a daily meal for ~50 frontline workers for one week

What you'll need to play:

  • Ping-Pong Paddle (or something to use as one)
  • 3 Ping-Pong Balls
  • Table (your dining room table works just fine)
  • Net (don't have one, use some TP rolls, pasta boxes or empty cans)
  • Computer or mobile device to join the Zoom video call.

We're kicking off the event this Wednesday night at 8:30PM EST.  We hope you can join in.  RSVP using this link: Battle Pong and you'll get all the info so you can sign into the Zoom chat.  




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