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  • Time to set up: Bottle Bullseye is super simple and straightforward. Opening the game for the first time will require a little more work to get everything put together (really just putting the fun stickers on the bottles and filling them with the correct amount of water). Following the initial setup, the game is stored in a handy drawstring bag (which Cassidy loves) and you can keep the amount of water that you’d like in the bottles. It should only take a minute or so to get the game out and determine whether you want to add or remove some water for optimal bottle flipping.
  • Duration of game: Depending on your skill level, a round can last anywhere from 1 minute to 5 minutes. If neither player has successfully flipped a water bottle in their life, then it might take 5-10 minutes before a player figures out the right technique.
  • Number of players that are needed/can participate. The game comes with 2 water bottles and is intended to be played with 2 people.  There are many variations that we have thought of besides the originally designed game. These variations we’ve thought of can easily be played with 6 people or more. (With lots of extra time away from people in quarantine, it’s easy to get creative.)
  • Where can it be played? This game can be played on most any flat surface. We recommend the carpet or grass just because the game requires you to sit or kneel while playing. You could play on hard ground, but no one likes a bruised bum or numb knees. Whatever you do, don’t play on your mom’s nice coffee table or any surface you might accidentally scuff or knock over precious family heirlooms.
  • How to play? Like we said earlier, this game is pretty darn straightforward. The game comes with 2 water bottles which you will fill with the amount of water you feel will help you land the bottle upright on the target. The game comes with a paper that acts as a ruler to show you the right amount of water for your bottle. The more water you put, the slower it rotates in the air. The less water you put, the quicker it will rotate, but less total weight to help it land solidly. You can take some time to find out what level you like it filled to. Players will then flip the bottle attempting to land it upright on the target. The target has 3 different zones. The outer zone is worth 1 point (3 points on the cap), the inner is 2 points (6 points on the cap), and the bullseye is worth 6 points (automatic win on the cap). If a player can land the bottle on the cap side, then the score for that zone is multiplied by 3! The first player to 21 points wins. A player may also win if they can land the water bottle on the cap on the bullseye, at any point during the round. Most of the time we found this technique is only employed when one player is about to lose and are far behind.

Backyard Buffs’ Rating: 16

kids playing yard game

Ease of Storage/Portability: 5. Bottle Bullseye arrives in a box that probably wouldn’t be the most durable if storing, but have no fear because it comes with an awesome drawstring bag! As mentioned above, we are all about games with drawstring bags because they are easy to carry around and just toss in your trunk. It’s small and light enough that it will make an obvious addition to our fun trunk!

Durability (packaging or game pieces): 4. We haven’t had the game for very long yet, so we can’t speak to the long-term durability, but so far, the game has held up really well. The target is made of a really durable rubber and the bottles are made of a thicker plastic than your average water bottle. The stickers they send you to put on the bottles are a decent quality, and we think they will stay on well as long as they don’t get too wet (spillage while filling up the bottles, or being left in the rain). Overall, the game has been durable and we’re hopeful that it will last for many years to come!

Friendly for all Ages/Skill Levels: 4. Kids and adults alike have been flipping water bottles for ages and now there’s a fun game to make it competitive and challenging. Learning to flip the bottle might be a challenge but the point of the game is to compete while doing your best! We would recommend the game for ages 6 and up, and possibly 80 and under. (Just depends on how quick the older generations wrist flicks are.)

Fair Pricing: 3. After shipping you are going to pay around $35 for the version that we have. Keep in mind, the less expensive version doesn’t come with a drawstring bag for easy storage. Just pay a little extra to get yourself the drawstring bag. Trust us. It’s worth it. There’s a party kit that comes with essentially a 3-in-1 (3 targets and 6 bottles) for $55. This would be good for school teachers (like Cassidy’s mom) who need lots of games for the classroom, or someone who runs outdoor activities regularly. We feel like $35 might be on the pricier side, but for the party kit, you definitely get your money’s worth.

Conclusion: Bottle Bullseye is the ultimate game for kids. We’re sure there are lots of adults and teenagers out there that love it, but kids are the group that can’t seem to get enough of the bottle flipping phenomenon. For any teachers or camp counselors out there, there isn’t a better game to help your kids have fun while learning different skills. It helps improve hand eye coordination and as all parents are looking for addition home schooling tools right now, this game can be used as a tool to help kids practice some quick addition as well! All while playing a game! Many kids already know how to flip a water bottle, so this allows parents and teachers to help their kids be entertained while they learn math and develop hand eye coordination. It can be player indoors and outdoors, so there are no limits to the fun. Lastly, did we mention that the game comes with an app that you can download to help keep score? They’ve thought of it all and incorporated technology! See their website for more information:

Backyard Buff's Variations

The game’s website has other variations, but we tried to think of variations that might appeal to teens and older demographics. Plus, many of the variations from the game’s creators require more than one bullseye, so we weren’t able to try them out.

“The Pressure is on!” This variation only requires one water bottle. A group of up to 6-8 people will take turns flipping the water bottle. If a player lands the bottle, then the next player has to land it or else the person before them gets points. The player will get the amount of points associated with classic score keeping. The player following a person who has landed the bottle need only land the water bottle to keep the player from before them from receiving points. For example, a player lands a bottle in the 2-point zone and then the next person lands it in the 1-point zone. The next player will flip and if they miss, the player before them will get their one point. Only the player right before the player who misses will earn points. Depending on the group’s size, they can decide to play to 5 points or more.

“Don’t mess up!” This variation requires both bottles. Preferably played with at least 3 people to make it extra fun! This can be played with up to 10 or more players. Each bottle will start exactly across the group from each other. If there are 8 people playing, then the bottles will start so that there are 3 people in between the players with the bottles. If there is an odd number like 7, there will be 2 players and 3 players between the people who start with the bottles. When an even amount of people are playing, then the players begin flipping at the same exact time. When there is an odd amount, the player who has more people behind them has to wait until the other player lands the bottle before they can start trying to flip. Players will flip the bottle until they get it to land, then the next person has to hurry and flip it and pass once they have successfully landed it upright. A player is eliminated with the water bottle catches up to them and the player directly behind them is able to successfully land the bottle before they can. This happens until the final round when the last 2 players must race to land it first. In the final round, players can’t touch the bottle until someone says, “go!” Upon which they will hurry and attempt to land the bottle first. (Think knock out, or lightning for bottle flipping!)

“Flip, Flip, Miss”. Like the game of “Duck, Duck, Goose”, players will take turns trying to land the water bottle. When one player manages to land it, they will stand up and run around the group as fast as they can and sit back down. While they run around the circle, players will continue to flip the bottle and if no one can land the bottle before the player runs around the group, then the player gets a point. Each player only gets one attempt before passing to the next player. First player to get 3 points wins!!

These were 3 variations that we could think of to fill any summer picnic with a little bit of fierce, anxious competition. If we think of more, we’ll let you know. We will have to think of a variation that involves water balloons because water balloons in the summertime make everything more fun.





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