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Lolo Schroeder

You can always ask Obie, and sometimes, Obie will ask you.

You might not know it, but Obie has access to the minds of all our Oddball sports legends (and oh yeah, the entire universe), so no question is off-limits. If you need smack-talking lessons to silence your rowdy opponent, Obie's got your back. Ya wanna squeeze the pros for juicy tips, g’head, take your shot. Looking for the balls to ask your smoke-show rival out for drinks? Let's take a swing at it.

If life is peachy keen and your game is top-notch, bravo, friend. You might just wanna talk straight Oddball. Drop your suggestions for classes, topics, contests, or whatever you'd love to see us roll with.

All you have to do is ask Dear Obie.

Keep your gorgeous eyeballs popped for weekly questions from Obie, to you, about the fringe sports world, and what the cluck it means to live the Oddball lifestyle to the fullest.










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May 27, 2021
Alex Gara
Notable Tracks: Anderson .Paak

Notable Tracks: Anderson .Paak

February 5, 2021
Matt David
Obie - Oddball Sports TV

ASk Obie

Here's your gateway to the minds of Oddball legends. Their tips and secrets, their visions and advice. Obie can even make your fresh content ideas into awesome things! G'head, drop your questions or suggestions here, and Obie will prove it.
Well, well. You. Are. Brilliant! After a team huddle, Obie will have your equally impressive response. While you wait, feast your eyes and ears on our latest content on the homepage, or head straight to your favorite obsession with our oh-so-helpful new search bar.
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