10 Bocce Songs You've Probably Never Heard

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Andy Zimmerman

Of course there are no actual bocce songs…yet. So I had to reach a little. This playlist is composed of some of my favorite musicians growing up as a young hip-hop punk with an old soul, with a few more recent additions sprinkled in. I began playing bocce in my early thirties and suddenly, some of my favorite old jamz began to take on a new meaning. We’ve all been there, right? That’s the joy of music! The ways a song can connect with an individual is limitless and mine just so happen to connect to my bocce career more so lately. This is the first of what will hopefully be many bocce inspired playlists I will be sharing through Oddball. The complete playlist is available below. What are some of your “bocce” songs?

  1. Just One Look, Doris Troy 

Love at first sight. Plain and simple. I rolled one ball and I knew. Next time we see each other, just ask me something about bocce. I will pour out my heart and soul just like sweet ole’ Doris Troy.

  1. This Is A Game, Nick Waterhouse 

Nick, much like myself in bocce, is a relative newcomer paying homage to an old art form. For all you competitors out there, this is a game. Losing is infuriating. Take a step back and think about how that loss will affect your life. Probably nbd big picture. When you’re winning, absolutely - bocce is life. But actually, bocce is just a game. Only it’s the world’s oldest and greatest game.

  1. Skills To Pay The Bills, Beastie Boys 

We playin’? Whatchu got? I got the skills to pay the bills! ’Nuff said.

  1. Eat The Meek, NOFX 

My favorite band, NOFX, is the California punk rock version of the Rolling Stones. Unlike the Stones, their thirty-plus years of recycled, sarcastic aggression is relatively unknown to the average Joe. Capturing me at a young age, their consistent sociopolitical commentaries, irreverent humor and inclusion of all variety of Oddball lifestyles have secured a lifelong fandom. This song protesting global occupation is a mid-tempo break from their normal hyper-aggressive attack and a perfect reminder of how I treat newbs on the court. 

  1. Catch A Bad One, Del the Funky Homosapien  

Del is to hip-hop what bocce is to other sports; different, nuanced, inspiring, and withstands the test of time. This Oddball rapper from Oakland describes perfectly, in detail, how I plan to dismantle my opponents. They ‘bout to catch a bad one, yo!’

  1. Hate And Kill, AJJ 

The world’s best hardcore folk band, formerly known as Andrew Jackson Jihad. Premium songwriting. Brilliant lyrics. Agonizing vocals. Usually save this one for playoff night. One track mind. We are not here to make friends. Plenty of time for that after I’m donning a medal. Get your hate on!

  1. Think, James Brown and the Famous Flames 

My single favorite musician of all time, the Godfather of Soul, Soul Brother #1, creator of funk, Grandfather of Hip Hop, Mr. James Brown. (applause)

Think about the good things
Think about the bad things
Think about the right things
Think about the wrong things
Bocce, before you leave me realize I’m the one who loves you

Follow these lessons on the court and you will dance your way to victory. THINK!!

  1. Pressure Drop, Toots and the Maytals

IMO, bocce is superior to sports like bowling or bags because of the infinite variables involved finding the target. Toots would love bocce. It is said he has never played an exact set list or even the same version of a song live. Ever! That’s so bocce! Be ready to improv to improve. You’ll need to when the pressure drops. 

  1. It's All In My Head, Screeching Weasel

Chicago hometown heroes and pre-pop-punk legends, Screeching Weasel was a huge part of my impressionable years. I never really got over it. Bocce has been a huge part of my adult life and I know I’ll never get over it. When I find myself scrambling to right the wrongs of a game gone sour I always remind myself, It’s all in my head. 

  1. Don't Let It Bother You, Fats Waller
Don't let it bother you
When things go wrong.
If you're glum, just hum this song,
Good luck will come along!
Don't let it bother you
If, now and then,
You may stumble,
Never grumble,
Count from one to ten!

...If that ain’t screaming bocce, you ain’t playin’ bocce!





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